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Are our prepaid debit cards are safe?

Prepaid debit cards are perfectly safe if you go with a reliable issuer. My friend told me he got a prepaid debit card to transfer funds to his kids because it is safer and more private. How does a prepaid card help protect my privacy?Prepaid debit cards are not linked to your bank account, so purchases made using the card are not linked to your name. It is for this reason exactly; many people prefer to use a prepaid debit card to make purchases that they would rather not have other people know about. Our cards are accepted at all ATM’s Nationwide, also there are no, Contracts| No Credit limits | No Bank Account needed and low fees

Prepaid debit cards are great for you, if:
You cannot open a free cheque account or one with low fees
You are tired of paying for unnecessary bank fees
You are a concerned about your privacy, or just someone who prefers not to link their online purchases to a bank account or credit card in their names
You are a parent who wants to help teach your kids responsible spending or give them a set allowance

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